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I'd love to share my story that led me to creating Mica's World!

Hi from Mica's World!

Mica started writing articles for her book in 2010 when she hit an incredibly low spot parenting her two kids, as most of us do.

Her oldest child was diagnosed with Asperger’s when he was seven. From there, he gained the labels of OCD, PDD, ADD, SID, Profoundly Highly Intelligent, etc… She has a 10 page single-spaced report that goes to the depths of the world describing the “disorders” of her oldest son, who in fact is one of the most orderly people she’s ever met.

After she started pouring her heart out onto the pages in her journal, she found the internet and a place she could call her own and just started writing and sharing. Welcome to her current home on the world wide web.

Mica is devoted to sharing the tactics that have kept her happy and joyful while raising two very successful boys, who also seem super happy and enjoy the world around them.

She defines success as often feeling joyful, learning new things, engaging with the world and land that surrounds her, working hard at life’s daily and long-term tasks, giving resources to herself and her children, creating a loving home where her family is safe, creative, and peaceful. She’s committed to this all the while our world doesn’t always love or accept each another just as they are.

Mica is quirky, gypsy-like, efficient, hard-working, focused, completely not focused sometimes as well, good at painting crazy owls, scrappy as needed, not so good at interior decorating, pretty good at caring for house plants, and she loves and adores her three cats. Her family recently rescued three ducklings and got her heart broken because those ducks were so dang sweet and cute but they could NOT live in the kitchen or her small backyard (the ducks are safely back at the farm and doing great).

Mica Gadhia

Mica In a Few Words

- Mother of two boys, one on the autism spectrum
- 48-year-old woman
- Artist
- Ask her where she’s from and she’ll reply, “Earth.”
- Alcoholic (dry since April 10, 2007)
- Book lover
- Breast cancer survivor
- Occasional gardener
- Eternal learner
- Bargain shopper
- Tea drinker
- Tattoo getter

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