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The World Celebrates Autism

Autism is a ubiquitous part of my life, and maybe yours as well. If not,...
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3 Meaningful Ways To Celebrate Autism

I want rituals and traditions to be a big part of my life again. I...
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Apologize Like A Boss

I have always loved learning (and collecting) helpful tools that I can take into my...
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9 Essential Qualities for Successfully Raising Someone on the Spectrum

My son who is labeled as being on the High-Functioning Autism Spectrum is absolutely thriving...
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How I Prepared My Family for My Cancer Journey

I believe 100 percent in front-loading our children, especially our kids on the spectrum. They...
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Happy Love Day!!!

This is a beautiful day in our lives where we can share how loved we...
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5 Healthy Habits (Post-Cancer) That Can Benefit You

Post-cancer survivor . . . That's one of my newest labels. Like I shared last...
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Happy Anniversary to My Last Major Surgery

Exactly one year ago today I had my last major surgery. You see, I was...
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Create Magnets For A Better Year

I love this quick, easy, and awesome project! Seriously. . . it's so cool! Fidgets,...
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Why Love, Light, and Intention?

I've been choosing three words of the year for several years now and for 2019,...
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When Trauma Strikes … Like It Did This Tuesday

I'll start here: You guessed it . . . my son was driving. Everyone is...
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136+ Gift Ideas for Our Autistic Friends

Some people are fabulous gift givers. Some people sort of scrape through the whole gift-giving...
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