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Thursday, July 2012

I met with a couple who had just shared their diagnosis of a different-brained child...
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Tuesday, July Something

I’m delighted, I think. I have friends (cool, I know) and those friends know my...
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The Impact

As I’m sitting here, really feeling crazy about my inability to communicate what life is...
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Cat Food—WTF?

I have two cats and I buy those cats food. Their favorite seems to be...
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In-Home Therapy and Chocolate

So we have started in-home therapy and WOW. It’s like my life is written on...
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Committed: No Meds Land Part 2 (Read “No Meds Land” first, if ya want)

I had finally surrendered to getting a meds evaluation for Michael. I committed to going...
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No Meds Land

Of all the things I deal with relating to this different brain of my son’s,...
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All I Wanted . . .

  All I wanted was to get my grocery shopping done for the week. That’s...
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