Love Notes to Your Body

Love Notes to My Body won the Living Now Gold Medal for 2020 and it’s available for purchase today!!!

Beautiful women who happen upon this page, it’s time to love your body exactly as she is! It’s always been time but here’s an incredibly joyful and intentional way to get you where you really want to go.

To loving yourself exactly as you are. Yes!

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On Amazon! From Nicole’s website! Indie sellers!

Author extraordinaire Nicole Ayers!

Illustrator loves-this-project-so-much Mica Gadhia!

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Other projects I might one day get into the world…

Living With a Different Brain: Memoir about raising my two beautiful boys, one who is on the autism spectrum.

From Breast Cancer to Porn Star: Memoir about my breast cancer journey.

Meditative Drawing For a Calmer You: Gorgeous

Little Tammy: Delightful children’s book about the changes a butterfly goes through and how each stage has its challenges and gifts.

These are all working titles and I’m 80% done with all four of them.

Oh, the artist’s life.