Autism Parenting

Get ready to laugh and love. Discover stories about being a parent of a "Different Brained" kid.

Happy Love Day!!!

This is a beautiful day in our lives where we can share how loved we...
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When Trauma Strikes … Like It Did This Tuesday

I'll start here: You guessed it . . . my son was driving. Everyone is...
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136+ Gift Ideas for Our Autistic Friends

Some people are fabulous gift givers. Some people sort of scrape through the whole gift-giving...
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Gather Your Family & Color Your Way to Calm! (Free Printables)

Life is going to happen and as we're all so well aware, some days will...
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1 Creative Way to Bring Peace to Your Family

Last week I shared the simple instructions for doodling your way to a more peaceful...
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Doodle Your Way To a Calm Family Today!

Meditative drawing is one of my favorite ways to create while also calming my mind....
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1 Awesome Way to Help Manage the Future

Labels Autistic children come in every make and model. Mine is highly intelligent, OCD two-wheel drive...
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11 Feel Good Stories About Our Friends On The Autism Spectrum

Autism is not always easy. It can be confusing, fascinating, heartbreaking . . . it's...
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Mica’s World Loves Queer Eye: DIY Food

We made it! This is the final article from my Queer Eye binge and how...
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7 Easy Ways To Create Love-in-Action For Your Child

Love-in-Action? What does that even mean? To me, it means an intentional act to show...
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Welcome to Mica’s World!

Hello, Beautiful People! Welcome to Mica's World! I'm sitting in my writing/drawing/creating chair fully ready...
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What to Do When Your Child Is Condemned

Condemned is such a strong word, but there's no getting around it when there's an...
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