Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Free Coloring Pages for Activists (because standard letters might not get noticed!)

Give your congressman, senator, mayor, or anyone who influences our laws a free coloring sheet! Download and print as many copies as you want to send out.

You can color them first and then send, or let them color them, or send two – one that’s colored and one for them to color.

Activism can be creative and fun and this is one place to start!

Climate Change:Climate Change is Real Activism Mica Gadhia

Download the file here: Climate Change is Real Activism Mica Gadhia

National Parks:


Download the PDF here: Invest in Our National Parks

We Welcome All People:


Download the PDF here: We Welcome All People

Planned Parenthood:


Download the printable version here: Support Planned Parenthood

Stay tuned for more free activist coloring sheets to share your thoughts on the Bannon, Healthcare, Equal Pay, Pipelines, mental illness, oh my goodness the list goes on and on!

I’m super excited to share so sign up here so you can get each new coloring sheet as it’s published.

Yes we can,