How I Fixed Baby Yoda

You’re right, nothing is actually wrong with Baby Yoda. He’s perfection embodied.

But, I did alter my Baby Yoda so he’s way better!

Mason likes to bop Baby Yoda on the head. Don’t even get me started about him bopping poor Baby Yoda on the head, but suffice it to say when Baby Yoda did get Bopped, he’d often fall over.

I didn’t like that one. tiny. Baby. Yoda. bit. so I decided to make Baby Yoda sturdier.

He doesn’t have much weight in the bottom to keep him upright so I added a bag of sand to his underbelly. It was pretty easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy even though I’m not much of a sewer.

Here’s how to add some stability to your Baby Yoda, if you’re into that sort of thing.


Here are the supplies you’re going to need:

One small plastic baggy that seals shut.

Scissors, thread, and needle. I happened to have this awesome green in my very antique sewing box so that was a lucky win!

I thought about using pebbles, beans, rice, or other materials but I didn’t want to knock anyone out if I happened to throw Baby Yoda at them or waste food. I don’t normally throw things at people but Baby Yoda’s got some special powers when needed.

I used approximately 1 cup of sand that I happened to have in my garage. This was from the time we made medicine balls from deflated basketballs. Oh, the crafts in my house bring me great joy!

I put a handful of sand in the sealed baggie, and at first thought it was good. When I put it in the bottom of Baby Yoda though, it felt too heavy so I removed some. All that to say, please use what feels right to you (and what you already have on hand so you don’t delay making Baby Yoda sturdier).

Next, and this might be difficult but it’s really for the best … snip the bottom of Baby Yoda open about 4-5 inches.

Place the bag o’ heavy stuff in the bottom of Baby Yoda

And then sew him right back up with love and care

And that’s it, that’s how to make Baby Yoda stronger and more stable.

Here are 2 pictures of Baby Yoda and my family:

Sam-Sam and Baby YoYo just chillin’
Having our tea with Bernie and his mittens
Seriously… absolute perfection.

Add questions or comments below, I hope I’ll know the answers and appreciate you reading. 🙂

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