Happy Anniversary to My Last Major Surgery

Exactly one year ago today I had my last major surgery.

You see, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August of 2018 (I’ve not shared about this often because I’m still coming to terms with the whole experience) and proceeded to have two major surgeries to get it all out of my body.

Insert a silent moment of contemplation because it’s so hard to believe. It feels like eight lifetimes ago, and it feels like just yesterday. I told Mason we needed to celebrate my one year anniversary, and he was all, “That was only a year ago?!?!?”

You’ve had major shifts in your life as well, I’m sure. We’re thrust into new spaces without being ready and there we are–moving through the rubble back to a life we love.

Here’s how I’m coping . . .

Well, actually, I’m not coping well at all . . .

. . . which is to say that I’ve been thrust back into a state of fear on my one-year anniversary in that my mind is telling me that I definitely have cancer again (I have no signs that I do) and this time it’s going to be harder and more grueling to recover and I’ll probably die sooner than I want to and how am I going to get Nicole’s book done and what will happen to my kids and how will they cope? And how will Michael get through that trauma?!?! And Mason?!?!? Mason’s not old enough to lose his mother! But Mason will have to take over the parenting duties for Michael because he’s equipped to know how (sigh) but that won’t go so well on many levels because he’s only thirteen and it’s just all going to be so terrible but at least they’re teenagers and maybe I’ll just be sick for a long time and it won’t cost too much and the kids will get more practice at caring for someone else and it’s going to be okay, but probably not . . .


I continually work hard to bring reality back to my consciousness. I have mantras that I say out loud to check myself back into the moment. Here are three that I use:

  • Every cell in my body is optimally healthy and my energy is gorgeously vibrant.
  • In this exact moment, I feel great and my body is functioning in a healthy and normal way.
  • I am okay. I am enough. All is well in this moment.

And, I’m coping quite well . . .

. . . in that I work really hard to follow the guidance of my integrative oncologist team. Those are the doctors, nurses, and healers that help with lifestyle choices after the treatment.

The integrative team checks my blood to make sure my levels are where they need to be for optimal health. They also share about health in general and things I can do to decrease stress, thereby limiting my chances for recurring cancer, like yoga, tai chi, acupuncture, supplements, exercise, sleep, etc. I’m at the point now that I will only see them once a year unless otherwise needed.

So . . . Happy One Year Anniversary to ME!

This is the only photo I took January 31, 2018. It was my special presurgery outfit: unicorn shoes (cuz magic), wise owl jammies, and surgery socks since I’ve been here before.

So with the guidance of people who have walked this path before and my intuition, I say my mantras, I get back to eating clean and healthy, I take my supplements, I exercise a few times a week, and I focus on getting the best sleep that I can.

Next week, I’ll share what I’ve learned about my overall wellness to stay as healthy as possible. You will benefit from many of these things because these tips are not just for postcancer activities, they’re for optimal general health.

Cheers to your health!



  1. Sarah on January 31, 2019 at 6:24 pm

    Love you so much. Happy anniversary. You are a vibrant ray of light and love.

    • Mica on January 31, 2019 at 6:52 pm

      Thank you, Beautiful Friend! <3

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