136+ Gift Ideas for Our Autistic Friends

Some people are fabulous gift givers. Some people sort of scrape through the whole gift-giving process. You might be somewhere in the middle like me. I do my best to get something I think the recipient will love and, then I try to release the outcome (while always trying to provide the gift receipt).

Hopefully, we’re all in agreement that gift giving is a wonderfully kind act. When you do choose just the right gift, magic can really be felt and seen in your relationship with the recipient.

It’s the beginning of December, which creates gift-giving opportunities for so many people around the world.

I’ve gathered several articles filled with gift recommendations for our children and friends on the autism spectrum (supposing you don’t have a specific itemized list provided to you by your autistic child like I usually do).

The First List: 20+ Ideas I Shared In 2016

This first list is something I created in 2016 based on Michael’s favorite gifts. I still agree with every suggestion on this list: Your Ultimate Gift Guide for the Kid With Asperger’s in Your Life

You’ll find suggestions like magazine subscriptions, charity donations in their honor, tickets to live events, etc.

The Second List: 16+ More Ideas (some are repeats of my list above but there are many more great ideas too)

This list comes from Self-Sufficient Kids and I really like her suggestions: 22 Meaningful Non-Toy Kids Gifts

The Third List: 10 More Great Sensory Products

This list is from The Mighty, which is one of my favorite sources for all things special needs. I like everything on this list, but some will be better for younger children and some for older children: The Top 10 Best Gifts for Kids With Autism

The Fourth List: 44+ Ideas for All Sorts of Autism Categories

You can start here: Toys for Autistic Children and Teens, but you might end up needing this list of suggestions for items under $10, or this page of great suggestions just for Teens & Adults. I’ve always wanted a nice bean bag chair for my kids . . . maybe 2019 is the year I get them!

The Fifth List: 16+ Ideas from Autistic Artists!

I absolutely love this! This was published this year, so it looks like any product listed will be available to purchase: The Art Of Autism 2018 Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Buy From Those On The Autism Spectrum

The Sixth List: 20+ Ideas for Parents of Autistic Kids

I’d love so many of these cool products from Cafe Press! Super cool–I might get the gorgeous postcards that represent “Different, Not Less.”

The Seventh List: 10 Things Not to Buy

This is an interesting list you might want to check out before buying any gifts for your friends and relatives on the autism spectrum: 10 Kinds of Gifts Autistic Kids (and Their Parents) Will Hate

I don’t think I’d like any of those either, but a gift is a gift. We can try to accept them graciously and then either exchange them or donate them after the holidays.

This amount of recommendations seems enough to keep you busy shopping for everyone on your list!

Please share any additional suggestions in the comments or in a reply email–our community can use every suggestion!

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Affiliate note: None of the above items are attached to any affiliate links from me. If you visit the sites I’ve shared and order from them, you might be giving someone else a small referral fee, and I think that’s a lovely thing. 🙂




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