Gather Your Family & Color Your Way to Calm! (Free Printables)

Life is going to happen and as we’re all so well aware, some days will be more difficult than others (don’t we know it!). The more tools we have in our life tool box the better off we are, so today I’m reminding you to color!

Yep, that’s it … Sitting down to color is just one more super easy way to create calm in your life and to have some fun while doing it.

And if your autistic child or friend loves coloring or learns to take time to color, it can truly help with the overall anxiety or stress they deal with. I’ve sometimes equated swinging, coloring, drawing, exercising, or taking a walk to taking an anti-anxiety pill. I know how much it helps Michael (and me) so I wanted to make sure you got the reminder that coloring is good for you!

I know sitting down to color helps calm our brains because it works for me. I’m pretty sure it works for others too because I have two kids who seem much happier after they sit down to color. They’re teenagers now so we don’t sit to color often (we mostly cook now), but it’s still something we do from time to time and it’s definitely something I still love. We always end up smiling and giggling and just gently sharing a sweet moment together when I pull out our crayons and coloring books.

Coloring is definitely a “gift” I give to myself just like hot tea, a long bath, or quiet time to sit and read.

I made this!

And guess what??? I made a coloring book!!!

If you love fish and under the sea creatures, you’ll love my very first coloring book project!

You can see the lion fish colored in here:

FREE PRINTS! Please download and print these images that are straight outta my Under the Sea coloring book:

Manatee Simple

Fancy Manatee

Fancy Fish

And … I’m happy to announce that you can purchase your very own copy of my brand-new coloring book! It’s available for $9.99 +S/H right here!

If you’re not hooked on fish, you can download (for free) some super cute owls to color here: Join Mica’s World Cuz You’re Awesome

Just do it!

Make a plan to grab your family, friends, crayons, colored pencils, or markers today (or tomorrow at the latest) and get coloring! You’ll be glad you did. 🙂

Colorfully yours,



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