1 Creative Way to Bring Peace to Your Family

Last week I shared the simple instructions for doodling your way to a more peaceful heart. Be sure to check it out if you want another simple way to find your calm through meditative drawing.

Today I want to show you another process. I’ve not been doing this for long, but I’ve loved the results . . . though meditation is absolutely not about the results!

Meditation, any way you choose to do it, helps train our minds to be more clear and intentional. It’s best if done as a daily practice so here’s one more way you can create something beautiful while clearing your mind.

Take a look at this inside-out drawing process. I think you’ll love it and so will the whole family!

The Inside Out Way or Mandala Way

1. Start with a small design in the center of your page. I started with two plain little circles.

2. Add different types of designs or the same design just outside the small image. You could absolutely draw circles all day long, but I’ve added some different patterns so you’ll have more examples to get you started.

Those small dots are markers for the next design. . . keep scrolling.


3. Just keep adding more designs around your initial design. I did this example in color, but the designs I’ve done with only black ink have been gorgeous. I was even able to sell some of my all black designs in a local art gallery!

4. Keep adding different designs, or layers, outside the previous designs. It’s that simple . . . doodle from the center of the page to the edge.


5. Fill up your page until you feel complete with your design or you have to go pick up your kids. 🙂



I believe we are responsible for our own mental health. Our society isn’t very helpful in that regard, so it’s DIY time for mental health! This is important so we can take extra special care of the people around us. Having a calm mind brings more peace and kindness into the world, and man-oh-man, we can all use more of that.

I hope you take the time to try this technique to see if you feel mentally calmer after you draw. And then try it with your children. In today’s world, it’s important to give our children, especially our children on the autism spectrum, tools. They need a full toolbox so they can create more positive experiences in their world.

These instructions are sent with love, creativity, and gobs of hope for our world,


If you want to get started with guided meditations in ten-minute sound bytes, I highly recommend Sam Harris’ Waking Up App. I’m getting ready to start over at Day One, and I’m very much looking forward to it.

Next week, I’ll wish you a very happy Thanksgiving, and after that, I’ll share one more art technique you and your family will be very familiar with! See you then!


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