1 Awesome Way to Help Manage the Future

This is definitely not the cure-all solution, but it absolutely helps when your brain train is headed down a runaway track.

Right now, the #1 tool I recommend is Sam Harris’s Waking Up Course (not an affiliate link). I love this app so much. You’ll find daily sound bites and other lessons you can learn from immediately. I’m on Day 38 and am already looking forward to starting the course again from Day 1. It’s worth a try. I hope you love it!

Is Michael Able to Drive?


He’s been driving with a learner’s permit for almost four months now and he’s just fine.

Know this, though: this part of parenting is the scariest part I’ve EVER experienced. I might even rank it as scarier than our two suicide episodes, though I’m not sure I’m allowed to compare those two things. I’ll tell you whatgiving your child keys to your CAR, and then sitting in the passenger seat and not having a brake pedal . . . Hoo-boy!

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