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Culture is so much about what you’re needing in your life at this very moment.

What do you want for yourself and your family that you don’t have right now? What boost have you needed? Where do you want your family to go, or what do you want them to experience?

On Queer Eye, Kamaro has created websites for people, taken people zip lining, had them learn specific lessons, created photo albums for the family, and so many different things for different people. He gives them what they are in need of in that moment of their lives.


For me?

When I imagined Kamaro coming into my life and really digging into what I need, it was very clear exactly what shift I needed (knowing that was so damn hard). I needed to leave my job. It was so hard on my health, and I was done with the time my job and I shared together, but the money was so helpful.

I did not make this decision lightly by any means . . . mostly because I am a parent, and that requires keeping my children clothed, fed, and sheltered. You know, the basic responsibilities of life with children.

But I did it! I did it but so much for my awesome planning . . . I left my job and have found a new job that fits my timing requirements for picking up and dropping off my kids. I know beyond all truth that it was the best decision for me, though I’m making much less money. I am grateful I did it even though I have a new set of needs that I’m working to fulfill.

And you?

Where do you realllllly need a boost in your life right now? What’s a goal you’d like to strive toward? What do you feel needs to shift so you can feel fully grateful for this day and excited about tomorrow?

I’m no licensed psychologist, but I’d love to hear what you’d like to shift (either below or through email). Maybe just sharing it with someone safe can make it more real and in-focus so you can plan your next steps.

Here are a few motivational places I find helpful:

Seth’s Blog

7 Little Habits That Can Change Your Life, and How to Form Them (lots of resources here)

I love Sam Harris’s new app, Wake Up,  here!

Ted Talks

Feel free to add more inspirational, motivational, or educational information below.

Autism Notes:

For our autistic friends, here are a few ideas to create  a “cultural boost”:

  • Finding (and having them attend) a local game night.
  • Finding a friend or another person that they can share space with. This could even be a volunteer from a local group.
  • I have had Michael take a social-skills class, where he had to call the other students and have a brief conversation. They had different social assignments, some of which were very difficult, but this whole class seemed hugely beneficial.
  • Therapy focused on something specific that they enjoy or want to do and how to take the steps to actually get there (game developer, cook, Lego designer, pet volunteer, tour guide, etc.)
  • Any event or shift that creates a positive interaction for them. The more positive interactions they can experience, the better off we’ll all be. <3

In this moment, I’m wishing you the next right action to create an amazing life,


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