Mica’s World Loves Queer Eye: DIY For a Better Life!

Here’s how it all went down. I was bingeing on Nailed It because OMG . . . Best. Show. Ever!

Netflix is super smart and sneaky with their promotions, and the last episode of Nailed It featured the five hosts of Queer Eye.

I had never had any interest in watching Queer Eye because I didn’t know what it was about. I don’t like starting new shows because I have an “addictive personality” (which means that I’m prone to bingeing on shows until the last episode). My hands must have been in soapy water when the five-second start-the-next-show timer ran out and Queer Eye began immediately after Nailed It.

Let the bingeing begin again! Gah. I was consumed over the next four days consumed by Queer Eye episodes.

What an incredibly generous and loving show!

These five hosts literally go into people’s lives, homes, and businesses and give them a fresh start to help boost them to their next level of life. I’m so grateful for this show and everyone who is part of it. Thank you, Queer Eye!

What I found most interesting though was that I started to make small, positive changes in my own home and life. It was as if Antoni, Bobby, Jonathan, Karamo, and Tan were right there with me.

I remember walking into my closet one day, and I got rid of two pairs of jeans that Tan simply wouldn’t tolerate. It was as if he were saying, “No, we don’t wear these anymore because we want to look and feel great every day.”

I wondered what Karamo would make me do to propel my life forward. The answer was easy–“Quit your job, Mica.”–but it would be the hardest choice I had needed to make in a long time.  I had put it off because I was so scared. I’m proud to share that I have actually resigned now with Queer Eye’s unspoken support.

What would Antoni recommend for my family meals? For us, I felt like he would suggest that we buy more local foods and discover a few new veggie recipes that my boys and I can all enjoy to change up our pretty standard menu.

For Bobby and my house, I thought about what he would want me to focus on. I felt like a good cleaning was the first thing and then to focus on one room at a time to make my entire home comfortable, beautiful, and mine (starting with the downstairs bathroom).

Jonathan. I felt like I’d disappoint Jonathan the most, but also that we would get along crazy well. I get my hair trimmed once or twice a year, and that’s mostly when I feel socially obligated to. But with Jonathan’s voice in my ear, I decided that wearing makeup five times a week was my grooming goal. I love how I feel confident and calm when I have my makeup on.

Because I am creating a healthier life for me and my family (and it gives me the perfect excuse to watch Queer Eye again), I wanted to explore and share how I’ve improved my life due to inspiration from Queer Eye.

I really do feel like my life is better by just seeing the positive changes they’ve made in others’ lives.

I hope you enjoy the next five weeks filled with the Mica’s World DIY life series (grooming, fashion, home, culture, and food). I’m super excited about it!

Huge love always and always,


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