Welcome to Mica’s World!

Hello, Beautiful People! Welcome to Mica’s World!

I’m sitting in my writing/drawing/creating chair fully ready to reconnect. And I’m so glad to be writing and connecting with you again!!!

Where have I been?

When I first took a break, I wanted to rebrand my site to offer a more rounded approach to parenting autism with joy, but then . . . I was diagnosed with breast cancer and proceeded to move through several surgeries, lots of medical appointments, continual therapy appointments, and more, all while working full-time and raising my two kids.

As you might imagine, I decided to make some very difficult real-life changes and this blog became part of that forward motion.

Where am I headed now?

I’ve decided that I still want to share stories about parenting my two kids, one who is on the autism spectrum. In addition to that, though, I want to bring healing art to the forefront to help calm and bring beauty to your family and the world. Finally, I want to share the wonderful ways I’ve changed my life to create a healthier me and, therefore, a much healthier family.

I’ve always believed that modeled behavior is the best way to teach children (especially our friends on the spectrum), and caring for ourselves is one of the most important things we can do for our families (as I’ve recently found out).

And I’m absolutely psyched about the direction I’m headed with this parenting blog!

I hope you’ll join me at Mica’s World because each week I’m excited to share helpful stories, real-life actions that have positively impacted my life and my children’s lives, and joyful, accessible art to  brighten your day while creating calm and peaceful moments in your life.

Here’s a look at the month ahead. Next week I’ll be sharing my very-most-favorite-in-the-world morning-elixir recipe that is chock full of goodness! From there, I want to share some super easy ways you can make five important areas of your life better for you and your family. You’ll be able to teach your children these skills as they learn how to do “life.” These lessons are fully inspired by Queer Eye on Netflix.

Huge love,



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