What’s going on today, Beautiful Person?!?!?!

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out this email from me; it’s an honor to share my thoughts and happenings with you!

I started this blog many years ago specifically to bring about more peace in our lives while we raise children on the autism spectrum. This experience comes with an incredible amount of uncertainty, frustration, trauma, celebration, and “life” that changes on a dime.

From the beginning, I wanted to share more about my meditative drawing that is so positively impactful for our friends with Asperger’s. I also wanted to share guided meditations to help with the aftermath of any traumas you and your family might experience.

Those goals haven’t been accomplished as of yet and I’m still very committed to my mission of bringing about more peace into our lives!

My Super Exciting Change to This Blog!

So I’m making a change to this platform and I’m super excited about it!

The main change you’ll see is that these posts will come at different times as I want to alleviate the pressure I have to create valuable stories for you every week. I really want to share with you when my heart and brain have something crazy special that I want to share. I think that’s becoming more important to me than a schedule, so it feels great to make this small, but big, change of stopping the weekly updates.

Another main reason I’m making this change is my favorite of all–Michael really has “evened out” and has resolved so many of his OCD tendencies. He doesn’t want me to share about that work he’s doing right now, which creates a bit of a hindrance for my sharing. I want to respect his incredible work while letting you all know there is hope, strategy, and resources that do work. It’s a long game and it’s so dang worth it!

Plus . . .

Here’s some more cool stuff that I’m looking forward to sharing. I hope you’ll stick around to see:

I’m looking very forward to sharing my first coloring book that I hope will benefit your entire family with some intentional calm time. You can download some of those pages here for a sneak peak. This is currently at the designer’s and from there will head to the printers and an online publishing site. Very exciting times!

I’m also an artist who does art festivals! I have a show here in Charlotte, NC coming on May 6 and 7th. If you’re close make sure to come on by. I’ll also be sharing my paintings and shows as my goal with this is to bring more joy to the world.

Painting, meditative drawing, and coloring are what I do to help myself calm down and keep my own creative life flowing (outside of my wonderful children). When my life flows, my children naturally follow suit in my opinion. And hopefully they’re granted permission to pursue their passions and explore new creative outlets as well.

Here are a few of my latest paintings:






Finally, are you wondering about the familiar-feeling blog title, Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes? You can listen to this wonderful song that is the theme of this blog post! You can find the lyrics here.

I do hope you’ll continue to join me as I share when I have things I think will help your life be more content, joyful, hopeful, and all things beneficial to our world.

And really just to let you know you’re not alone and there are so many things in each moment to learn from and love.

I appreciate you. I hope that you appreciate you.

Big love,


You can always meet our group over on Facebook to share anything and everything you’d like to. I’d love to connect anywhere you’re comfortable. 🙂

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