Activists and Strong Parents: Free Printables!

O. M. G. people!

Regardless of what political side you’re on in the US, we’re living in a difficult time. We’re impacting the entire globe.

It seems that our regular worlds have stayed the exact same, though, so it all feels confusing. It’s like, I still have coffee each morning. I still drive my kids to the same schools. I still have internet, wear glasses, brush my teeth, sleep in my same bed.

But the news, the media, and the different social outlets we hear from (if you’re still listening that is) . . .  each of them has stories that are shocking, emotional, and opinionated. They share stories that are destabilizing, infuriating, and scary. It feels like it’s completely nut-nut in our world!

As an added bonus just for you, your kids are feeling all the feels along with the world. I don’t know about you, but I’m in pretty deep with emotional support for my kids. If you’re on this parenting journey with different-brained kids labeled Asperger’s, well, when they feel them feels in those individual small bodies, that’s just a recipe for somethin’.

OK, so we have the social outlets sharing all the things, we have kids who are on hyper-alert, and we have policies threatened that we’ve come to depend on.

Gah! What’s a parent to do?!?!?!?!

We become social activists–that’s what we do!

We stand up for what we believe in. We fight for our children and the policies that will benefit all of us (including people and families that are not us). We question lawmakers and work to hold them accountable.

Mostly, we take the actions we feel are necessary to create the best life we can for ourselves, our children, our children’s friends and families, and we do this for every human being on the entire planet.

Take one fun minute to hear from a wombat about our options.

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I made this activist coloring sheet to send to all the lawmakers. You can download it from this page right now as well!

You can print it, you can color it, you can not color it, but mostly, you can send it to your congressman, your legislators, your mayor, your city council members, your religious leaders, your mom, or anyone you feel needs to see your opinion on climate change.

I have more activist coloring sheets coming very soon on different topics so you can be a social activist along with me! There will be coloring sheets for immigration, national parks, the Affordable Care Act, Planned Parenthood, etc. Use the ones you agree with and leave the rest. Please let me know in the comments below if you have a specific topic you’d like a coloring sheet for.

Because sending letters is hugely important! Making phone calls is important! Marching is important!

Why the coloring sheets are effective

I wanted my message to be noticed. I figured if I sent a typed letter it would arrive and get filed in the appropriate file (hopefully not the trash can). I wanted to share something noticeable and fun and effective.

One thing I understand is that politicians are holding very difficulty jobs right now. Their staffers are also swamped. They are busy, and if we want to be heard, we must remember that. These activist coloring sheets will catch their attention.

I feel like the whole basis for doing what’s right is that we need to ask ourselves how to bring kindness and loving intentionality to the conversation. If we don’t, I think we stay stuck and divided and that’s just no bueno for nobody.

To be clear, I’m a strong social activist and want to teach my children nonviolent activism. But I’m not going to back down when policies threaten what I believe will benefit humanity and everyone who’s hanging out right now on planet Earth . . . and seven generations from now. I will be strong, and I will share clear messages with as much kindness and intentionality as possible.

We’re all worthy of kindness and joy, and these coloring pages are one fun way to dip your toe into the  social activist pool.

You’ll be able to find them here on my Activism page.

Warm regards,


And my apologies if you’re just so tired of the politics right now, I totally get it. I’ll be back next week with a very helpful article about how to make sure your kids feel loved. It’s so important that they do!


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