11 Resources to Be Happier Parents

I assure you, I know how much work it takes to be a great parent. I work crazy hard to be the best I can be as a mother to my children. Ever since I became aware that Michael was a bit “different,” I realized that I only get one shot at this parenting gig. So I’m going to do the absolute best I can right now and in each and every moment.

I declare, “Make it count, work hard, and go for it!”

One of the lessons I had to experience about 4,000 times before it finally sank in was that Michael’s screaming moods were sometimes the result of my emotional distress.

I’m not saying there were different choices to make, but I am saying that sometimes when I was tangled and upset inside, he was especially upset and tangled.

When I would calm down, he would calm down.


I know this subject has been explored at length, so I rounded up eleven resources about happy parents that I found helpful and thought you would too. Check them all out, or just click on one that feels best for you in this moment.

First, you can learn about the very interesting “happiness gap” in US parents in this article titled: The “parenting happiness gap” is real, new research confirms

But we don’t have to be unhappy, just so we’re clear. It takes work to create joy and happiness in our lives, just like physical fitness helps our bodies stay in shape! We can call it Happiness-So-Our-Kids-Have-Fewer-Breakdowns Fitness or something clever like that.

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Check these resources out:

Here’s a free mini-course to help you become a more positive parent from A Fine Parent. I love her site and appreciate what she shares! 🙂

3 quick and helpful tips from Happify on How to Be a Happy Parent

Or Alpha Mom with 17 Ways to Be a Happier Parent

Care.com shares 6 Tips for How to Be Happy Parents A few overlap from the above articles, but there are a few new ones on this list that I work sooooo hard to do! Meditation is definitely one of them.

When I do make the time to meditate, I listen to AboutMeditation.com. If you find it difficult to get started with meditating, you’ll find easily accessible guided meditations that make it so easy to begin! And don’t forget your kids–they might love them as well. 🙂

Here’s a cool challenge for you and your kids together: Try lying on a blanket or getting super comfy in a quiet room (or outside depending on your weather) listening to guided meditation with your children. Even if they wiggle, squirm, or talk, you’re still setting a great example for how you’d like to put into practice a habit and tool that will increase your family’s overall happiness.

I’m loving how many lists there are to learn from, but I’ll admit I’m a bit surprised at how many different tips there are! There are hundreds of ways to choose to be happy, to create time for more joy, and to take action to create the best life you can!

And I’m sharing all of these resources today because I do believe children are more grounded, capable, and healthy when we as parents work hard on ourselves. I believe they reap the rewards over and over and over again.

9 Secrets to Being a Happy Parent

5 Secrets of Super-Happy Parents with Well-Behaved Kids

I’ve worked sooooo hard at #3 here: 10 Tips for Raising Happy Parents 

How I Learned to Be a Happier Mom

The Way of the Peaceful Parent from Zen Habits.

And if you go through some of these lists, check in with yourself to see which ones you notice more than others. I’d invite you to put your energy into the tips you immediately resonate with and see what happens.

Big happy cheers to a more joyful day for all of us, regardless of what’s happening around us. We have choices to make regarding our attitudes and the actions we take in response to each moment. The information shared here can help us all make the best choices for our families.

Sent with huge smiles and so much love!


Do you remember a time when you felt soooo happy as a parent? Did you notice your child’s reaction when you felt joyful? Was it contagious? Share your happy stories below (or sad stories, we love real life here) so we can all support you and hear more ideas.

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Or simply hit reply and let me know how you are or any struggles you’re having. I’m a human being too.

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