Happy New Year! + 11 Helpful Articles from 2016

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Happy New Year!!!

What a crazy year it’s been. I for one am looking forward to the end of 2016. It’s been a bit, how shall we say? … Poopy.

From a political, passing away of famous people I love, and from a personal perspective, I’m glad to welcome 2017 to my life. Yay for new beginnings!

And yes, there were some tremendously wonderful things that came from 2016 – like the fact that I published an article once a week on my blog! For this last sharing, I wanted to give you some of the most helpful articles I thought we could take into 2017.

11 Helpful Articles from 2016

7 Ways to Connect with Your Child: Love in Action

Parents of Autistic Children – Strong … Yet Vulnerable

Celebrate Wildly!

My Ultimate New Year’s Shift–Miracle Mornings! (You Might Love It!)

Do You Even Realize You Need to Forgive Yourself?

10 Books That Changed My Life (and might help you too)

Autism, Family, and Rocks: Exercise to a Perma-Smile!

Positive Self-Talk: Change Your Child’s Future

Breathe Deeply. You Are Invited . . .

POWER Poses for All Autism Families!

Awesome Gift Ideas for Your Autistic Child!

You are amazing and I thank you for reading.

Please hit reply and let me know one thing you’re grateful for, one takeaway from my writing that helped you this year, one thing you’re sad about, one thing you’re looking forward to in 2017, or anything else you’d like to let me know. I’m glad you’re here and I thank you!

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