Resiliency Requires Six Basic Humans Needs: How Do You Measure Up?

Resiliency is the #1 tool we can actively teach our children who move through this life in a different way.

And resiliency is one of the most important tools in my opinion because their lives tend to be full of “extreme” thoughts and experiences. Right?

I believe self-love is another main lesson we can actively teach and desperately need, but I wanted to focus on the art of “bouncing back” from difficult lives.

Nan Henderson, author of Resiliency in Action: Practical Ideas for Overcoming Risks and Building Strengths in Youth, Families and Communities, has provided some incredible wisdom for our human race and she has shared it across the globe. THANK YOU, Nan Henderson!

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I’d like to highlight the six basic human needs Nan Henderson teaches about, which are the main factors that build resiliency in each of us. I don’t want to go into how to do this. You can read the book, or we can explore that more on Facebook or in the comments below, but I do want to name them.

“In simplest terms,” said Nan Henderson, “there are six basic human needs, which are also the main factors that build resiliency: caring and support;high expectations for success; opportunities for meaningful participation; positive bonds; clear and consistent boundaries; and good life skills.”

Six Basic Human Needs

So again, those six human needs are:

1. Caring and support

2. High expectations for success

3. Opportunities for meaningful participation

4. Positive bonds

5. Clear and consistent boundaries

6. Good life skills
My only request, if you’d like to think about resiliency as you’re reading this, is for you to think about how you experience these six factors.

How has your life been driven by the abundance or lack of these six human needs?

I’m very proud to report that I feel like I have given these six skills to my children for the most part. That makes me super proud, and with me being me, I’m excited to learn more about how to actively teach these to my family and everyone else I come in contact with.

The Ultimate Thing You Need to Know

Here’s the ultimate thing–You are perfect right where you are. Exactly how you are in the moment is perfect. And I’m glad to be one of the people to reflect that to you.

Huge love and kindness for our world and different brains,


Another book that came highly recommended for resiliency is Bounce.

Share an experience of resiliency for you or your kids in the comments below. I’d love to hear and share.

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