Parenting: What I Forget (And Then Try to Remember)

I totally cry about this whole parenting journey (and laugh, bang my head, stay steady, etc.)  More about that here.

But I also forget the hard things. And I even forget that I am forgetting until I’m reminded of what it was that I forgot . . . which is pretty much not fun.

For example, I forget that my son is a high-needs kid. Seriously, I really forget this at times.

I have the whole system down pat. I know what to do. I know when to do it. I know how to do it. And it’s an absolute no-brainer for me anymore (except when it is).

It’s just part of the daily flow of our life.

Things I forget when it comes to my son and other people

I forget that other people don’t know what I know.

I forget that other people don’t have a lifetime history with Michael and how he moves through the world.

I forget that other people don’t really care all that much about my life, my kids, my needs. And that’s OK, but it’s a bummer that I run into quite often.

I forget that people who are just meeting him don’t know how smart he is. Then because I forget, I roll my eyes (in my brain) because I’m so annoyed by their exclamations of “How old are you?” “What grade are you in?” “Oh my goodness, he’s so smart!”

I can’t blame them, of course, but it is frightfully annoying for me as we try to move along about our business, which may be searching  for random tools in Home Depot because that’s so much fun for us (we just did this tonight for several hours).

I get it though. He really is fabulous to talk to and he’s completely engaging to listen to and learn from.

So with all of my forgetting, here’s what I want to remember (you can too):Remember parenting autism mica different brain

1. Other people don’t actually know the nuances, triggers, happy places, and other unseen characteristics of my child.

2. Other people, even close family, will not have the patience, devotion, love, care, and passion for my child that I do (with exceptions).

3. I am the best advocate for my child, and it is my duty and responsibility to get my child’s needs met the best that I can. I take this one very seriously.

This job, parenting these different-brained children in our world today, is very difficult. I’m not even kidding about that. It’s an emotional roller coaster: exhilarating, isolating, deflating, loving, connective, and every other emotion known to the human heart.
It’s all OK, and I  can certainly only control what I can control, but I have to accept that I can only do what I can do in each given moment.

I repeat–I can only do what I can do in each moment. I can hug, love, and support my child and make his life as fabulous as possible! Because it’s right now and what better time than right now to make my family’s world full of more love! Yes!

You’re awesome. Thank you for remembering. It’s OK to forget. We can all take one step at a time for ourselves, our children, our families, our community, our city, our state, our country, and ultimately our entire world.

Huge smiles and gratitude for each of us on this crazy-daisy journey,


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