Happy Peace Day (Plus FREE Coloring Pages!)

Micas Art Whale Gift Peace Day

Happy day of peace different brain mica

This whole great big blog started because I wanted to bring more peace and love to those of us who live with children with Asperger’s (or have it ourselves–they fall close to the tree, don’t they?).

With this grand experience, I’ve worked hard to bring more peace and calm to my family through our brains, daily lives, active participation in our schools and communities, and by staying in touch with our world.

How have I done this?

Mainly by coloring and meditative drawing.

I’m an artist and have always loved to draw. And I’ve always felt great as I create (please forgive my neglected art sites, but feel free to visit because it is my passion).

I tried the very popular teeny-tiny-little-spaces-to-color-in adult coloring book designs, but they make me more tense than relaxed so . . . I’ve started to make my own designs and I’m super duper excited.

My first coloring book will showcase an “Under the Sea” theme, which seemed random to me. Later I realized this is one of my favorite educators (and favorite Aspies) favorite things.

Meditative drawing and coloring have been shown time and again to help relax the mind. I’ve actually witnessed (and felt) an unmistakable calming of an entire class of Aspies as I played soft classical music, gave them the tools they needed, and sat back to watch the calming happen.

To see and feel the shift is incredible, and of course, I want to do more.

Here’s my gift to you (the day after International Peace Day, which was yesterday, September 21): pages from the book I will publish sometime soon. You’ll find the whale coloring page. I hope you love it; Michael picked it out as the one to share with you. 🙂

Happy Peace Day Coloring Pages!

You’re Welcome!!! Yay!

I’m so excited to share it with you and I hope you print them today and get started coloring right now!

You can use it two ways . . .

  1. Use the page with design examples to draw your own whale coloring page. You’ll do this in the basic design of the whale. Color in your creation and then color in my creation! They’re all great! OR
  2. Have your child, depending on their age, color in the basic whale design and you color in the parent picture of the whale. Family activities are invaluable.

I hope you love coloring this happy whale . . . I’ll be sure to let you know when the final book is out.

Peace in and peace out,


If you color or draw or do something creative, do you feel calmer and more peaceful? How about your child? Show us what your peace looks like in “whale form” or any creative outlet you practice over on Facebook!

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