3 Favorite Posts to Help You Feel Better

Do you realize that you’re OK right where you are? Right here and right now, do you know that you’re perfect?

Love to You mica gadhia different brain

Following, you’ll find three articles to help you feel this perfection more deeply. Know that words aren’t you, you can work through the tough times, and you can flow with life even when it’s hard.


Oh, that dang word oppositional has closed so many doors that could have been beautifully fulfilled. Because it’s NOT HIM . . . unless you’re a jerk and don’t respect transitions and then you’re going to get some opposition.

So, Are you down with ODD?


I have to learn commitment to Mason, Michael’s little brother. Are you committed to the siblings that live along side of you? It’s hard, and important.

What is your level of Commitment?


Last, our children are our greatest teachers. What are they telling us? What are you hearing and using to make your life better?

Find out from Michael What Corn Starch and Water Can Teach You (the Dalai Lama Would Agree).

I hope that you are working hard to do your very best for yourself. Make life better for your family, and make parenting your children your absolute priority and focus.

Thank you for hanging out here,


I’ll share my journey with the labels for my son next week. Why’s it not done? Because whoa . . . all the feels each time a new label got slapped on my son is a tough process to move through.

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