Have You Ever Seen Love in a Foot Dance?

When we strive to continually teach and model love, we offer our children the most important gift of all–a legacy of love they can take into their lives that will gift them in return.
All we needis Love ...
One of my fondest moments . . .
There they are, two chai-latte-colored boys lying on their bellies, looking at the same
book. I’m not sure if they’re both reading the book. Mason is only seven and doesn’t read adult level nonfiction yet. I suppose most seven-year-olds don’t, but it’s all I know, and it’s Michael’s favorite genre at age ten. They both have long dark-brown hair. Michael’s hair is thick and long and straight and it reaches the middle of his back. Mason’s hair is much more fine with sweet curls and it seems shorter because of the curls.

They’re in my room on my bed and I am sitting in my big fluffy shabby chic chair that I love. They still sleep in my bed a few nights a week. That’s one of the gifts and curses of single parenthood; it’s easy to fall into comfort zones and have boundary lines blurred for a bit longer than they otherwise would have continued.

Being in my room means the walls are painted an antiqued light pink and sheers hang over the windows with a full view of the French doors that lead into my art studio.

The sheers have crystal gems on them for  sparkle. There is a wooden angel hanging from the ceiling and candles burning. In the corner, you can find a djembe drum.

I’ve worked hard to make my room comfortable and beautiful. It’s a magical space for me and it is my favorite place on the entire planet.

This bed is where Michael comes to have his silence when he needs it. If it becomes quiet in my house, I know where to find him. Either on my bed or in his swing.

Mason follows him around sometimes. Other times  I can find him drawing intently at the dining room table.
This moment in time is so sweet I can almost taste it. There they lie, next to each other, every part of their bodies are touching and their feet are playing together. One foot will catch the other and then their feet will interlock.
I’m seeing four feet of love, brotherly love, the brotherly comfort of being together their entire lives. There’s no effort in this foot dance. It’s as natural and organic as a seed sprouting into a tree.
They are loving each other through a common book, a common bond, a common bed, a common life. My heart is beyond grateful as I watch this foot dance that I have seen many times before and hope to see many times again.
I’m watching and knowing there is love between these two young people who are my children.
In my heart, I know I have helped facilitate this relationship with all of my mistakes and all of my successes. It’s not by accident that my children can be so close to one another, even through the difficult times of someone being first and another lashing out.

Love is a constant and can be worked at. Happiness must be fostered just as we would work out our bodies on a regular basis. Kindness is a choice and can be strived for no matter how difficult our lives may feel in different moments.

Life is to be lived and I hope you choose to model the behavior you want your children to emulate. It’s worth it.
You’re worth it,


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