Our School Choice and My Cautious Optimism Happy Dance


Cautious Optimism Mommy DanceSchool choices are a minefield of emotions!

Michael and I have been running round and round the mulberry bush as we look for next year’s best option. This week is different though.

Do you know what the new (possibly, maybe) school choice found in only a few hours? Some of my son’s abilities, needs, areas of improvement, and a “Yes, Michael would be a great fit for our school!”

I’ll start with the celebration that Michael is going back this week for his second visit at this hopeful-new-school. I feel good about it, though cautious optimism is a better description.

I’m very glad to report a joyful balancing act to the rejection issue we deal with so often (all last month even).

I’ll also share that we’re not definitely in yet, and we still might not go there. But we have an option.

I’ll THEN share that they found things that Michael struggles with without me saying anything and they found those difficulties in less than one day. Do you know how magical that is?!?! It’s like unicorns even!

Magic Unicorns for Mommy


They get it . . . and do you want to know the best part (cuz I haven’t even gotten there yet)?

It actually feels like they want to work with him. So not only is it, “Yes, Michael can come to this school,” it’s “Michael can come to this school and we’re thinking that this, this, and this will be best for him. We’ll try those out and if they don’t work, we think this and this might work instead.”

It feels good!

So my friends, Michael has a place he can go. I think he feels good about it, and I’ll hopefully have paperwork very soon to sign and date and a deposit to pay for.

Life is good. Remember that now.

Really good in fact.

So much love,


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