Parents of Autistic Kids = Superhero Superpowers

Parents of Autistic Kids are POWERFUL!

Parents of Autistic Kids are POWERFUL!

It’s true you know, your job is tough!

And as parents of autistic kids (or as Aspies themselves), we have developed some incredible superpowers. You truly are a superhero.

What We Can Do:

  • We can talk just about anyone down from any mental ledge they happen to be on. We are like instant-on-the-go-psychotherapists.
  • You want to meet someone that can switch from one situation to another instantaneously? That’s us! We can keep up with almost any situation.
  • You need resources? We can dissect any business, home, or city to find what we need to help our children. And we can do it fast.
  • Special diet? We will all but take out the head chef to get what we need when our child is hungry and can only have certain foods. And serve it with a smile. 😉

And soooo much more.

We are parents, but we are parents of autistic kids. Our experience provides on-demand, around-the-clock, special-ops-intensive parental training. We might not have signed up for this job, but we accept the rigor and find the strength it takes to do it right.

You got this. We got this. Let’s DO THIS!

Cyber fist bump,


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