Celebrate Wildly!


Tonight I got an email from an incredible leader of a school where there are twelve students. These twelve students may have an official diagnosis, or they may not. These twelve students are mostly labeled with “Asperger’s” or “high-functioning autism.”

This great leader was emailing me about an article I shared, but she included an update on my son as well. Apparently, a group of elderly ladies visited my son’s classroom. She writes:

“Every single one of them mentions Michael. And with that mention, they then become speechless. How remarkable he is, and how remarkable his brain really is. He just stuns people. I personally just smile when I hear this, and take joy in watching how others respond (so well) to Michael. I tell them he’s my favorite brain and, of course, favorite person to chat with!”

This.Celebrate Wildly!

This is why we must choose to celebrate every single day.

We must choose everyday to wildly celebrate our children and how they move in the world!

We MUST celebrate wildly each and every day because there are men, women, and children alike standing up for people who are not the norm. There are people standing up for the hungry, the poor, the weak, the old, the young, the sick, the mentally challenged, the emotionally challenged, the psychologically challenged.

I am standing up for my son and every single person who moves in a different way. And I am celebrating wildly!

You are reading these words. YOU are taking the time to learn about and stand up for a child you may not have ever met. But you are here and you are worth celebrating.

I celebrate you in this moment. I hope you celebrate me. Our jobs are not easy ones, but boy oh boy, we sure do know how to live life!

It’s time to celebrate wildly!


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Note: The questions from last week are still being worked on, I’ll publish them soon. It’s been super fun to think about these things in a different light and how much gorgeous change has happened in my life. Yes!, to loving our children and ourselves! <3


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