Parenting Your ASD Child Can Be Beautiful

Beautiful Path

This is simply a reminder that this life we lead, whether you’re raising a different-brained children or not, is difficult. Raising an ASD child is confusing, it’s tiring, it’s constant. I’ll even go so far as to say it’s chronic.

But it’s also beautiful. I forget that.

My son is exactly who my son is and I feel honored and privileged to get to raise him. He is insightful. He is kind. He is even quiet from time to time.

And he loves me so very much. He shows me with his hugs and his words and the things he makes for me in school.

Canadian and Flightless

This is a reindeer ornament he made for me last month. It says, “Canadian and Flightless” and it is one of the most fabulous ornaments ever created. Like EVER!

He wanted me to share* that he also created a snowflake ornament that said “Snowflakes: Not Really All Are Unique.”

These gifts and creations are just so full of “Michael” and they are so exquisite. They are perfect because of who he is and how his brain works and how he uses his gifts to create very accurate holiday ornaments.

I am Michael and Mason’s mother and that is the most beautiful thing in the world. It is my privilege to raise them. A precious gift.

My sons and I have a beautiful relationship because I work hard at making it so. Some days I forget the beauty, or I don’t feel like working so hard. On those days, I hold these ornaments, look at photos, look at my kids, or read old blog posts to help me remember that even when the moment is ugly, this life we’re living is beautiful.

So much love to you,


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*Michael and I have an agreement about what I share on my site. I share my experiences and thoughts, and I get his permission for anything that is his (mostly anyway, it gets blurry from time to time).

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