My Ultimate New Year’s Shift–Miracle Mornings! (You Might Love It!)



I really, really don’t like New Year’s resolutions. If I’m not doing it yet, why would the magical date of January 1 help me?

HOWEVER . . .  If that date works right now in this moment, let’s go with it. 😀

So self-care is a thing. Did you remember that?

Some of us are so great at it. Others of us are all:



I’m starting this “Miracle Morning” thing again. It’s actually an amazing process I used to do. I loved it and for whatever reason, I stopped for awhile (I’m BACK, baby!).

Truth is, I am still flailing a bit with my recent move (you can learn more about that here if you missed one of my recent updates).

And since I fully believe in self-care as a parent for about 1,001 reasons (modeling the behavior I want my children to do as they get older; I’m important to take care of too; everyone’s happier when Mama’s happy, etc.) I’ve already started my Miracle Mornings. I’m feeling better already. No need to wait for January 1.

What am I even talking about here?

In his book, Hal Elrod describes how he created this full process for his “Miracle Morning,” which is worth knowing more about for sure. He has a fascinating story and he seems very glad to share it with the world.

I’ll cut to the chase here and say that you wake up earlier than you normally would and you do an hour of personal development activities. There are six elements he suggests, although I shift it a bit for my own preferences and goals (writing my book right now).

What does the Miracle Morning look like for me?

So right now I start with journaling and then I say my affirmations out loud. After those are done, my tea is finished steeping. I pour myself a cup of hot green tea while I read the book I have chosen to learn from.

Next, I do my silent meditation followed by exercising (I move in my jammies and don’t actually get to a sweating point).

I have currently replaced visualization with fifteen minutes of working on my book, which I feel great about. I really want to create a visualization board for 2016, so I’ll do that on the weekend sometime soon.

Is this even relevant to you?

How is this even relevant to you and why am I telling you about it?

Well, #1: You’re a human being and I believe this is an amazing process for every single person on this planet. If we wake up and do something great for ourselves every morning, I believe we’ll be ready to share more greatness with the world each day.

And #2: If you have a different-brained child, I highly recommend you use these elements with your child/children each morning in addition to doing it yourself. Our lives are difficult as it is, anything that can help us achieve our goals and make us feel great about ourselves is almost a lifeline.

#3: Speaking of lifeline, that’s why I’m doing this again. I feel uncentered and scattered, so I’m using this process to get myself centered and focused on what my goals are. I want to show up to my husband and children as a “whole” person and this process does that for me.

And I absolutely feel this is so important for my children. I want them to take this into their lives–I believe in this process that much.

It’s not uncommon to hear me say to my kids as we’re getting ready for school, “Okay, raise your heart rates now. I want you to have a great day and I know this helps.”

I’ll see Michael and Mason start with jumping jacks, or Mason will run around our little “track” several times (through the kitchen, office, and foyer). I’ll do jumping jacks or knee lifts so I’m also getting the benefit of a strong heart while modeling the behavior I believe is so incredibly helpful for my entire family.

How to learn more about the Miracle Morning

If this interests you at all, the first two chapters are available here for free. I absolutely recommend checking it out to see if it resonates.

You’re totally worth it.

It’s totally doable.

I totally believe your life will change for the better if you do this for more than a month (hopefully for the rest of your life). If not, let me know and I’ll write you a poem. The poem might be crappy, but I’ll write one for you nonetheless.

You can join his Facebook group here if you want to check out the community.

I’ll be doing my Miracle Morning each morning. I hope you find a process that fills you up so you are centered in the amazingness that you are.

So much love!


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