I’m Serious, People, EVERYTHING Is OK!


Michael, my son diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, is at a high school today. He’s thirteen already and he’s visiting for two days to see if it will be a good fit. We can say no if it’s not a good fit. They can also say no though. And that’s the first kicker that is putting the rock in my belly.

Guess what else? I really don’t have a good back-up option. This is the only school I have my eyes set on for many reasons, but mostly because it’s the only school that I see as a good fit for him. That is the other kicker that put the rock in my belly.


There was a huge rock in my stomach all day yesterday.

Today, the rock is gone, but my stomach is still upset.

What I want to share and shout from the rooftops (beyond the fact that rocks are not really in bellies) is that all of this is OK.therockinmybelly


Every experience.

Every feeling.

Every Everything.

Sometimes we need to get help. Sometimes we need to just stop. Sometimes we need to journal. Scream. Jump for joy. Share out loud. Be very quiet. Retreat. Run around wildly screaming and jumping for joy all at the same time.

All of it is OK.

You are OK.

And this moment will pass and you’ll have a new opportunity soon. It’s a constant adjustment in almost every moment with these children on the spectrum. Each moment brings something new. Each scream, tear, laugh, celebration, accomplishment, moment of joy, moment of insanity, each and every moment is OK right where it is.

I’m choosing to feel it all, be grateful for it, learn from the feelings, and continue on.

Because forward we go!


I’m here with you on this journey (because we are not alone!). Please join me on Facebook and I’d love to hear about the time the rock was in your belly. Cuz you know it’s been there before and will be there again. 😉

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