Do You Trust Yourself?

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Trusting myself was something I had to learn, and I learned it mostly *after* I had Michael.

How did I learn to trust myself?

Well, Michael screamed . . . he screamed a lot. He screamed often. Because of this, I heard things like:

“You need to put him in daycare so he can learn to socialize.” (I think he was about eight months.)

 “The way you talk to him makes him that way.” (Um, okay.)

 “You do too much for him.” (Whatever.)

Etc., so forth, and so on.

The absurdity of some of the advice I received really helped me to understand that I have to make sure that the actions I choose to take are in my best interest and the best interest of my child. With the advice and judgment I received, I was able to more easily separate what was not useful, which then gave me the ability to choose what was useful and felt “right.”

Thus, I trusted myself to choose what was right for me and my child. This became so important to me because he only had one babyhood, and I had done the nine months of toting him around in my body. I earned the right, honor, and privilege to raise him the way I wanted to raise him.

I learned to trust myself.

I’m inviting you to trust yourself.

Thanks for being who you are.

You’re important,


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