We Really Do Need Each Other


This journey of raising typical looking children who do not have typical acting brains tends to be isolating. We’re ridiculed for our parenting, public places aren’t all too friendly, and our social outings tend to be to therapists, meds doctors, and safe friends and family.

The one thing I have to return to time and time again is that we do need each other. We do! As much as I forget this and don’t want to bother with the outside world, we need our support team.

We need people in our lives who love us for who we are and who our children are.

We need breaks.

We need feedback and support.

We need food even.

We need our tribe.

I hope you have others in your life who are safe, kind, supportive, and uplifting. It can be tough to accept support. I encourage you to reach out immediately (yes, right now) to thank someone who has been safe or to ask someone else for help.

It’s true, ya know, we really do need each other.

Much love to you today,


Feel free to forward this post to someone who has been helpful with a simple “Thank You.” They’ll understand.

I’m on Facebook if you want to hang out and find your people. We’re a small group now, but it only takes one human-hearted being to accept support from another.

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