How You Can Be More Like a Peregrine Falcon (It’s a Good Thing)

peregrine-492547_1280A dear buddy of mine was excited to share about a peregrine falcon documentary she had just seen.

We had been working together for quite some time: her as an educator and me as Michael’s mother. She was respectful of my needs, wants, and desires as his mother, which is a rare and precious gift.

So she watches a documentary about these peregrine falcons one evening and told me about it the next day. She said something to the effect that I mothered like the peregrine falcon. I wasn’t sure what she meant. Like, was it a compliment? Her expression seemed to indicate that it was a compliment. But you know . . . like, I’m a bird? With feathers? Michael is needy for food and chirps?

She went on to explain that the peregrine mama protects her babies like nobody’s business. She said I reminded her of a peregrine falcon in the way that I protect my children. This mama falcon knocked out four pelicans that were five times her size to protect her babies. Then, she saw a snake heading toward her babies and took care of that as well.

Here’s what it looks like to be a peregrine mama in action.

My Feathers Were All Abustle

I have to tell you, I felt like a peacock as she shared this story. I know, I know, I was being compared to a peregrine falcon, but I’m telling you, I felt like a peacock. It felt, and still feels, like such a high compliment.

Because here’s my philosophy—we only get one chance at raising our children. We get one chance to be the parents and caregivers we want to be. I want to show up like a peregrine falcon and protect my children how I can, and how it feels appropriate to do so. I would definitely call myself a mother warrior, someone who fights for her son’s safety, respect, and well-being.

I also feel that our society has yet to accept our different-brained children the way they need to be accepted. Our society, on most days and in many instances, simply doesn’t like my son the way he is. Well, I know that he is an amazing human being that deserves respect, kindness, assistance, love, and support. And I will take on the pelicans any time they threaten my son.

There are definitely things he has to work on and learn, and hopefully he’ll be able to live on his own. I don’t know if he will, but that doesn’t mean he gets any less respect, care, or celebration for who he is, right?

I believe we’re moving in the right direction for our humanity. I vote that we let the peregrine falcon show us one way to do our jobs better.

We’ve got this,


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