Unabashedly Accepting the Golden Rule: Always Do Your Best

Always Do Your Best


It’s true. It is our duty and responsibility to always do our best. I first learned about this (yes, because life lessons can be learned) in the book The Four Agreements.

And it’s pretty clear what “always do your best” means. I also think that doing our best looks different right when we wake up, after our first cup of coffee and/or shower, at 5:00 p.m., and right before bed.

My intention for this sharing, though, is to remind you that others are doing their best as well. If it doesn’t look that best-ish from your point of view, that’s really ok (mostly anyway, there are exceptions to every rule). They are hopefully trying.

So when my different-brained son starts crying because someone put their foot on the pavement before he did, he’s simply doing his best in that moment.

You are invited to release your expectations of others. Because really, they are simply doing their best. And their best will surely look different at different times of the day, just like our best looks different, especially when our best doesn’t look so “best-ish.”

Compassion is almost always the key, in my opinion.

Let’s do this together,


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