If Only for a Moment



People, sometimes I’m just too tired.

I just can’t get up to do one more thing right now.


So it’s why I decided to stop, if only for this moment.

We work so hard for our children. I spend much of my waking moments trying to figure out how to move forward, how to help my children adapt, and how to cultivate less screaming, more tolerance, less rigidity, and more flexibility.

But there are plateaus.

And I am so damn tired.

And I don’t want to go through the screaming right now.


I don’t want to do the hard work of pushing and teaching and protecting right now. I don’t want to do that in this moment. I’m done, don’t ya know? Stick a fork in me.

So when a teacher says to me, “We really want to get started working on this,” I can sometimes completely glaze over. My mind leaves the room and I am no longer available. My body might be in the chair, but mentally, I’m gone three ways to Sunday.

Please don’t ask me to make any changes for the next three months. I’m tired. He’s tired. Mason’s tired. We need to rest now.

When it’s time again, I promise we’ll come out and we’ll do more work.

It’s okay to take a break from therapy. It’s okay to take a break from whatever you need a break from. In fact, I think it should be required to take a break from always working.

It’s okay to take a break. I promise. You’ll have more energy soon and then it will be the perfect time.


With love always,



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