I mostly ask people to find compassion for others. Tonight, I am urging you (speaking to myself directly, of course) to work so very hard to find compassion for yourself. Now.

I say to myself, “Mica, you are OK.”

I say, “Mica, you have so much. It’s OK to feel overwhelmed.”

I say to myself, “Mica, it makes so much sense that you have an ear infection, your house is messy, and your kids still have not eaten dinner. You are OK right here, right now. They’ve eaten fresh fruit, yogurt, and granola and say they don’t need anything else. Worry no more, dear woman, you are OK.”

And then my boyfriend calls. He says, “How are you?”

I start to cry.

He says with a sweet chuckle, “I’ll be over in ten minutes.”

I’ll start with the compassion I see him offer me, and then I’ll continue compassion for myself.

Breathing and hopeful.




  1. gailnhb on March 5, 2013 at 2:45 am

    Sounds like your boyfriend sees you and listens to you and takes good care of you. Thanks for allowing him to do that so that then you are able to do it for yourself more. Thanks for showing me how to ask for help – and how to accept it.

    Miss you, sister-girl.

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