The Seventh Place

This journey with different brainers really is a fascinating odyssey. One part of the journey is all about where we belong. Or not.

Here’s Michael’s school journey thus far:

  1. Charter school for the highly gifted. Got kicked out due to residency issues. Not fined or anything, but asked to leave. WOW.
  2. Public school #1 – We went to curriculum night and the end of school “targets” were what he covered the first day of his kindergarten year. We didn’t stay there.
  3. Home school. I was going through a divorce and moving and had a different-brained/high-need kid and a two year old. Duh.
  4. Public school #2 – One of the best teachers EVER! She was kind and intuitive and it was one of the best years ever.
  5. Public school #2, next teacher – Michael screamed and cried every day after school. We got our diagnosis this year. I kept him out of school as much as possible, at least once every eight to ten days. Worst year of all.
  6. Brand new school for high-functioning autistic kids or kids on the spectrum who didn’t make it in public schools. Fail. At least for us.
  7. Quaker school with two of the most fabulous teachers EVER! I give credit where credit is due, and these teachers were like gifts from humanity to my family. Score.

I just found out this morning that our school will not be able to accommodate sixth grade.



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