Sit and Stare Therapy

So I called a friend of mine, who shares this story, on a morning I wanted coffee and didn’t want to spend $32.40 at a coffee shop (I jest). Our friendship was just blossoming, so I wasn’t sure if she was the spontaneous type. I totally invited myself over to her house. This bold woman (me) NEEDED someone who “gets” this journey. Well, it turned out she was the spontaneous type and over to her house I went.

We started with her delicious coffee (she was very concerned about her coffee; it really was delicious) and we were discussing what we do while the kids are in school. I said sometimes I just sit. She said sometimes all she can do is stare. Well, there ya go, that’s when we realized it was almost all we could do to come down from the traumas we experience with our kids. Yes, I am saying traumas, which are different for each family. We sit. We stare. We rejuvenate for the afternoon.

Sit and stare therapy works beautifully, especially when you learn that someone else does it too.

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