Cat Food—WTF?

I have two cats and I buy those cats food. Their favorite seems to be Ocean Whitefish & Tuna. I have just purchased said food today and it’s on my kitchen counter. My son and I are in the kitchen, and he says, “Ooooh, Mom, can you believe what they put on the side of this box?”

I wait, knowing there is no need for me to inquire, because whether I want to know what he’s talking about or not, he is sure to tell me. The box reads: OCEAN WTFSH & TUNA. He covers up the OCEAN SH & TUNA to reveal WTF. “Look, they put What The Beep (high-pitched beeping sound replaces the intended fuck).” He then opens it up more to say “Look, they added a SH so that people won’t say it out loud.”

I LOVE my son, not only as a mother. He would totally be a kid on the playground I’d pick to hang out with. 🙂

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